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Parent Comments


"I'll never forget learning how to multiply three ways, the history of voting, and turning a string upside down [with a magnet]."

--Khari, 4th Grade​

"[During the fall term], I remember making 3-dimensional solids, learning how to become president, and trying to make a string

turn upside down."

---Lailaah, 3rd Grade

"The best thing about the program was the lesson activities...I will always remember when we built a castle using solid shapes, making a rocket, and a puzzle [of the presidential responsibilities]."

--Rocio, 5th Grade

" I like going to Urban Scholar Saturday Academy every weekend. I also like the free books and scholar bucks

[I receive]."

--Faith, 3rd Grade

I had so much fun this winter term. I will remember learning about skip counting, turtles, and going on scavenger hunts to find spiders.

--Jalen, 2nd Grade


"The thing I like most about Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy is the price, lessons, and the [amount] of care that the teachers offer."
---Parent (Fall Term)

"I really liked how the instructors

make learning fun!'
--Parent (Fall Term)

"I like how each individual child is worked with and that the children listen and respect the instructor."

--Parent (Fall Term)



"The thing I like most about Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy are the incentives for children and the field tips.”
---Parent (Winter Term)




"The thing I like most about Urban Scholar Enrichment Academy is the class size, curriculum, and motivation for learning.​​"​
---Parent (Spring Term)



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