Here's How Your Donation Will Make a Difference within Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy...


  • Your gift of $160 will pay the program fees of one academy student!

  • Your gift of $300 makes the purchase of Scholastic Weekly Magazines and books possible!

  • Your gift of $400 will allow for the purchase of healthy snacks & beverages for students during one academic term!

  • Your gift of $500 makes an exciting enrichment field-trip possible!


Corporate Sponsorship: Make a Difference



"Corporate sponsorships are an excellent way of supporting the community where your customers and employees live and work, while at the same time increasing your company’s competitive advantage through improved corporate image and reputation."

--The Educational Alliance


Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner in helping to create a lasting impact on the lives of urban youth in Los Angeles! Backed by Community Partners , and sponsorships from local businesses like yours, Urban Scholar Athletes is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to transforming the lives of urban youth through athletics, academics, and community service opportunities.


As you may know, sponsorship is a crucial part of our organization. Your generous donation will help us cover the cost of academic curriculum, books, snacks, field-trips, and other various costs associated with a quality educational program. Additonally, your organization will provide an opportunity for youth that attend our Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy to:


  • Enhance their knowledge of California content standards in Math, Reading, and Science; and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Improve their attitude about learning, which will reflect in the areas of daily attendance, grades, and peer social interaction within the regular school setting.

  • Develop habits of volunteerism; and a sense of social responsibility & civic awareness.


Our organization is dedicated to building unique & collaborative partnerships. We stive to customize our sponsors’ benefits and visibility to give them the most leverage for their sponsorship investment. We welcome your company to establish a relationship with our students  and a long-lasting relationship with Urban Scholar Athletes! Below are some ways that your company can become involved today:


  • Become a Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy Sponsor.














  • Match your employees' charitable gifts: acknowledge your employees' commitment to our cause by multiplying the impact of their donations.


  • Get your staff involved. Have your employees volunteer at an Urban Scholar Saturday Enrichment Academy session (e.g. assist students).



"Make a Difference" Sponsorship Program



Please contact Alexis Coleman, Program Director, at  to become a sponsor today!


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