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Urban Scholar Academy is committed to ensuring that all students have academic success during the school year. Urban Scholar After-School Tutoring Academy was created to help students meet Common Core grade level standards in Reading & Mathematics.


During 2018-2019, students who received tutorial support, grew

1.5-2.0 grade levels. 

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Urban Scholar After-School Tutoring Academy

Our Curriculum:

Tutor & Student Instruction

Urban Scholar After-School
Tutoring Academy


U.S.A will utilize Curriculum & Associates’ i-Ready diagnostic and instruction program to assist struggling students in helping to achieve academic success with math & reading Common Core standards.


The i-Ready curriculum will enable our certified tutors to determine exactly where to focus their instructional time in order to ensure that all students are on track (e.g. progress monitoring) to meet rigorous Common Core standards and have success on California’s Smart Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) in Spring 2019.


Additionally, after tutorial sessions, students will have opportunities to access online lessons in an effort to build conceptual understanding of the information presented by the instructor.


Progress Monitoring: Weekly Quizzes & Quarterly Benchmarks

Urban Scholar After-School Tutoring Academy provides one-to-one tutorial services in reading & math forKindergarten-8th grade students:


  • Location: 714 & 660 East Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90301   


  • Days: Monday thru Saturday


  • Individual Tutoring Sessions (60 minutes): 4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m., 5:15 p.m.-6:15 p.m., 6:15 p.m.-7:15 p.m., 7:15 p.m.-8:15 p.m. (Monday thru Fridays); 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  (Saturdays)

  • Session Description: After  the diagnostic assessment is administered, our academy tutors (including teachers) will provide instruction to a student on Common Core standards that need improvement. Each standard is taught in two sessions ( two days). Below is a breakdown of each session:


      Session Part One (60 minutes)                Session Part Two (60 minutes)

       15 min: Lesson Introduction                      30 min: Guided Practice

       20 min: Guided Instruction                         30 min: Common Core Quiz

       25 min: Guided Practice                              



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Tutoring Process

Sample Forms

Tutoring Costs

Single & Multiple Sessions


Our Tutoring Process:

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Typed by Staff @ Each Session

(Emailed on Sundays) 


  • Diagnostic Assessment: $60.00 [includes diagnostic assessment in reading or math]


  • Individual Sessions:

    • $34.00/1 hour session w/staff member (once a week)

    • $29.00/ 1 hour session w/staff member (2-3 times a week)

    • $42.00/ 1 hour session--Certificated Teacher


  • Additional Fees

    • $20 late cancellation fee after 2 p.m.

    • $25 no-show fee

    • $20 late payment fee after 3 days



Our Tutors


Tutorial Assistance

Our goal is simple. We want every child to aspire to achieve academic excellence! Having a great instructor will make all the difference in helping to reach this goal.


Not only are our tutors trained and are knowledgeable of Common Core standards, but they also are indivdiuals who inspire, educate, and motivate all learners.


Our Standard is Excellence!


Online Tutoring:

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)


(310) 528-3845 Tel. 







8473 S. Van Ness, Suite 107

Inglewood CA 90305

(310) 528-3845 tel.


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